Unlike other segments of this web site, the collection of data for this page relied on referencing the extensive archives of INEP for the period 1959-1990 and partly the archives of the Agricultural Research Institute “Serbia” for the period 1991-2006. However, browsing those sources we quickly realized that no systematic documentation was maintained for research projects in either institution, and the archived project documentation was not organized in separate bodies of documents to enable easy chronological or thematic reference. Our exploration was additionally hindered by the fact that various organizational forms of federal, republican and other funding institutions, as well as project time intervals, titles, contract forms and reports, and particularly their required volumes of documentation, were in a state of perpetual change. This is why, despite our efforts, relevant data have remained fragmented. Nevertheless, partial as they are, they still reveal all aspects of research that the Institute has conducted over the past 50 years.


Project: BEST4SOIL - (period of realization: 2018-2021)

With Best4Soil we are building a community of practice network across Europe by inter-connecting growers, advisers, educators and researchers. This network promotes knowledge ready for practice on 4 best practices (compost, green manure, anaerobic disinfestation, (bio) solarisation) for the control of soil borne diseases. Therefore we build a website and organize meetings and events in 20 European countries where we exchange knowledge on soil health with our communities of practice. The main objective of the Best4Soil thematic network is to maintain, improve or re-establish soil health in Europe. We provide open-access databases with information on the range of pathogens and nematodes that affect vegetable, arable and cover crops to help practitioners to build appropriate crop rotations and innovative control strategies.

Best4Soil has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme as Coordination and Support Action, under GA n° 817696

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Kada bismo posmatrali pravu prirodu stvari,
svako zeleno drvo je daleko vrednije kao takvo, nego da je napravljeno od zlata i srebra.
Martin Luther

Nema stvari koja bi bila tako vredna poučavanja kao priroda.
Nikola Tesla