About us

The scope of activities of the Institute includes:

  • Research of physiological and biochemical activity of pesticides and mechanisms of resistance of pest organisms;
  • Research of metabolism, degradation and persistence of pesticides;
  • Toxicological and ecotoxicological studies of pesticides and other toxicants;
  • Testing of biological, chemical and toxicological properties of new pesticides for registration purposes in Serbia;
  • Research of biological and ecological properties of various insects, mites, weeds, phytopathogenic microorganisms and other harmful organisms;
  • Research of pesticide products based on naturally-occurring substances and agents, development of laboratory procedures for synthesis and formulation of pesticides, and development of new plant protection technologies aimed at ensuring high-quality food products;
  • Finding optimal solutions for control of pest organisms under specific conditions;
  • Analyses and super-analyses of pesticides and related toxicants in various products and assessment of product safety and quality in domestic and foreign trade;
  • Transfer and application of most recent scientific and technological solutions.

Within legal limits, the Institute may also conduct other activities without entering them in the court registry, including foreign trade, on condition of their being exclusively relevant to the Institute’s registered activities.

Research that the Institute conducts in public interest branches into applied science and technological development, both relying on fundamental sciences.

Commercialization of research results is limited by the requirement that it should never compromise the quality of research work at the Institute.

In compliance with high education legislation and university statutes, the Institute may participate in study programmes within its registered field of activity.

Kada bismo posmatrali pravu prirodu stvari,
svako zeleno drvo je daleko vrednije kao takvo, nego da je napravljeno od zlata i srebra.
Martin Luther

Nema stvari koja bi bila tako vredna poučavanja kao priroda.
Nikola Tesla